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2438Re: [BPQ32] Problem with UI-View using BPQ32 Port.

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  • zl2ufw@xtra.co.nz
    Nov 5, 2009
      Hi John. Yes it is UI-VIew32, Also running UI-Route and UI-Webserver
      Here is the last frame I get with the usual "UI-View needs to Close etc etc"
      05_01:43T >DUMMY Port=2 > <UI C>:
      ZL2BAU-8 0 ZL2AQY-8 0
      Hi Terry,
      Is this UI-View32? Mine is running here fine.
      Do you get an error message when it crashes?
      Is anyone else seeing this problem?
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      Subject: [BPQ32] Problem with UI-View using BPQ32 Port.


      Hi, Since the last up grade UI-View crashes when a Dummy KEEPALIVE frame passes to UI-VIEw.

      I have 2 ports on BPQ32, port 1 is a KISS radio ports and port 2 is AXIP using UDP on port 93.

      UI-View crashes the instant a Dummy (KEEPALIVE) frame arrives from a remote station or when my station sends the frame.

      Any ideas would be appreciated.

      The operating system is XP home with all updates installed.


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