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  • Mark Milburn
    Oct 4, 2009
      Since N9LYA changed over to version I am having trouble forwarding with him, and this time it has nothing to do with RESUME.

      If I initiate a session, he accepts my forwards just fine.

      When he tries to send anything back to me, he proposes a number of messages and then I send him (for example) ++H+-. If that is my packet # I42, he will send back RR3- immediately followed by a DISC+ and the session ends without any forwarding taking place.

      it is not entirely consistent, because as I look at my list of bulletins accepted, there are a few from jerry, so under some circumstances some get sent, but most of the time the scenario is as above.

      Help? Can I be the only one affected by this situation? Perhaps it something in my FBB that is unusual and causes this reaction?

      73 Mark