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2192RE: [BPQ32] BPQ-BBS

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  • John Wiseman
    Sep 8 1:45 AM
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      Unchecking BBS in the "Manage Users" dialog will stop the software treating the station as a BBS. It will no longer appear in the "Manage Forwarding" dialog, or the Actions/Start Forwarding Menu, and  messages will no longer be queued for the station. The Manage Forwarding information is not lost, and will reappoer if the BBS flag is checked again.
      The "Forwarding Enabled" box is intended to stop forwarding for a short period, without losing messages already queued to the BBS or stopping new messages from being queued. Perhaps "Autoconnect Enabled" would be a better description, as it does not stop the station connecting and forwarding in or out, or stop the sysop from forcing a fowrward cycle via the Action/Start Forwarding/CallSign Menu.
      Don't expect the software always to behave like FBB. There are some similarities, but it is not an FBB clone!
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      It would make more sense that the 'forwarding
      enabled' box controls the compiling of the
      messages as opposed to configuring the User as a
      BBS. All of the forwarding configuration data is
      entered in the Configuration- Manage Forwarding
      window which is the same one that controls
      whether forwarding is turned on or off for a
      specific User.

      This is just my 'theory' based on what I
      remember of FBB.

      May be John can fill us in on this since I am
      not sure I have it correct.

      - Mark K2CAN

      Bill Schooler (KI4NCW) wrote:
      > If you uncheck "BBS" from the USER database then it will stop compiling
      > messages to be forwarded to that Call.
      > Bill
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      > In the BPQ-BBS, how do you delete a callsign out of the "forward
      > configuration" screen?
      > 73, K.O. N0KFQ
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