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2160RE: [BPQ32] Re: Using DRSI and other HDLC card with BPQ32 on Win98

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  • John Wiseman
    Aug 30, 2009
      It should work with two cards, but hasn't been tested. Try with just one channel, and if that works add more 
      The driver writes lots of information to the system debug log. Could you run Dbgview to record it, and send me the output?
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      --- In BPQ32@yahoogroups. com, "gm8bpq" <john.wiseman@ ...> wrote:
      > I've uploaded a new version of the HDLC driver for Win98 (BPQHDLC.VXD in file bpqhdls.zip) . This has been tested with DRSI and Baycom USCC cards, but should work with other HDLC cards.
      > This is for Win98 only - it won't work with W2000 or newer systems.
      > Make sure you have downloaded the latest BPQ32 releaee before trying to use this driver.
      > Pleae let me know if you try it, whether on not you have problems.
      > 73,
      > John G8BPQ

      Hi John,

      Ive tried it with the pa0hzp card.
      I used same settings as in dos BPQ but the modems seam to hang.

      My question is what settings have you used with the Uscc card ?

      I also have two cards in my system should this be the problem ?
      Xrouter i now does not like 2 cards.
      but under dos bpq it runs fine.

      I have the latest bpq32 version of august,
      so that shouldn't be the problem.

      sorry for my bad english.

      hope to hear from you i realy like to get it going under bpq32 :)

      73's Danny PD0SNK

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