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2143RE: [BPQ32] Here is snap shot of a forward session FBB using BPQ32

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  • Jerry - N9LYA
    Aug 28, 2009

      Hi Peter…


      He tells me I sound great and so does he on this end.. but then again my ears are not a TNC… lol


      I will look at that…


      I have shutdown FBB and using BPQBBS on my end to see what that might suggest…


      As another test I will move the TNC Back to MSYS for a day and see how it performs.. we Used to scream at times on HF…… We some times had a few issues.. we would iron out.. So I will assume we can iron these out…




      Thanks 73 jerry

      From: BPQ32@yahoogroups.com [mailto:BPQ32@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of Peter Mallett
      Sent: Friday, August 28, 2009 7:54 PM
      To: BPQ32@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: Re: [BPQ32] Here is snap shot of a forward session FBB using BPQ32



      Jerry - N9LYA wrote:


      Any ideas… This is killing my HF forwarding…


      Good signals in both directions..


      73 Jerry N9LYA




      [PORT 1 (BPQ) -  2 - SWITCH-0] 11:40 Connect

      C 6 KQ0I

      MITDX:W9BBS- 7} Connected to KQ0I

      [FBB-7.00i-AB1FHMR$ ]

      KQ0I Mailbox, QTH EN31EN.

      (1) KQ0I BBS>

      [FBB-7.00i-AB1FHMR$ ]

      FA B KC2GMM USBBS MOARES 10936_N1NTP 1673

      FA B VE3WBZ WW YL 19269_VA3BAL 5302

      FA B CX2SA WW SATDIG 61634-CX2SA 8506

      FA B KC8FWD WW WP 21201_KC8FWD 338

      FA B OK0NAG EU SOLAR M8JOK0NAG001 4067

      F> 54

      FS R!2000RRR

      Send compressed #25964 (45%)


      [PORT 1 (BPQ) -  2 - KQ0I-0]

      *** Timeout !!


      [PORT 1 (BPQ) -  2 - KQ0I-0] 11:42 Disconnect


      Hi Jerry,

                   Good signals does not mean you are being heard at the other end correctly.

      With what you have posted, it looks like KQ0I has issued the disconnect which would tend to suggest he is not hearing you correctly or not decoding the packets and thus after timeout, a disconnect arrives.

      My HF parms I use are, Maxframe 2, Paclen 40, putting in a TXTAIL is also a good idea for HF and make sure the TXD is long enough for your transmitter.

      Regards ..... Peter

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