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  • Mike Melnik
    Aug 5, 2009

      The BPQ-BBS is A 3 part program, The BBS forwarding setup is
      similar to Winpack as far as the Forwarding is setup,
      BBS (USERS) TO Calls: AT Calls: Connect Script is
      Capable of Multi Connections for multiple node Connections,
      H-Route, Max Size to send Max Size to Receive and
      FBB Max Block, all editing is done in program it self
      No files to edit like FBB, Forwarding Protocol
      is Plain ASCII, FBB Compressed And B2 for the use of
      WL2K Programs like RMS.

      For RF and AXIP BPQ32 Must be used, BPQ Telnet
      Server will work as before, forwarding
      Has two options, 1 will Auto forward when message is to be delivered,
      A second option Same as FBB (R) Command will Poll the Partner Station per

      The second part of the BPQ-BBS is the ISP function allowing
      E-Mail to be sent to and From the BBS, an E-Mail host will
      be needed to keep the BBS Call sign correct, an example
      Would be n9pmo.com, you can setup a separate E-Mail Account
      with your ISP Server how ever The @Call Sign will be replaced
      with the Senders E-Mail Address, this is an Example of
      Using my E-Mail Account, n9pmo@..., if the connecting
      station was to send an E-Mail from the BBS and the connecting
      station in this case is my wife's call sign kb9jie the E-Mail
      would be Sent out as kb9jie@..., the problem here would be
      when replying to the E-Mail It would be address to kb9jie@...
      that does not exist, using a E-Mail Host the E-Mail
      would be kb9jie@... for the reply.

      There is also an option for the BBS to connect to outlook express for
      SMTP/POP again can be sent to/from the BBS.

      The third part is the BPQ-CHAT Server, this is a Multi connect
      Multi user server, you Can have a large Chat Room if you would like,
      or one can create a Chat Topic for Independent Chats.

      If you have further questions please let me know.

      Mike Melnik N9PMO
      Web Site: www.n9pmo.com
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      Is there anywhere where I can find out any information on the BPQ BBS
      program? I sure am interested in its potential.

      73 Jack VK4JRC
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