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2019BPQ32_410j_2009Aug03 just released!

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  • n5in_ron
    Aug 3, 2009
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      BPQ32_410j_2009Aug03 just released!

      A new release, BPQ32_410j_2009Aug03 is now available on the BPQ32 Yahoo Group site. The links are on the home page following the description of the group at:

      The BPQ32 Installer automatically selects the update mode if BPQ32 exists in the selected install location and retains your current configuration while updating all the program components.

      Description of changes from the release document:


      BPQTelnetServer.exe to Remove entry from Disconnect User Dialog when session closes. Fix reception of multiple backspaces in the same packet.

      BPQAxip.dll to Corrected time display in AXIP MHeard window.

      BPQTerminal.exe to Added option to send "*** Disconnected" upon disconnect. Added linewrap code. Added option to disable monitoring of NODES broadcasts.

      BPQ32.dll to Fix tidying of window list when program crashed. Added Max Nodes to Stats display. Don't update APPLnALIAS with received NODES info. Fix MHeard display in other timezones. Fixed possible crash when processing NETROM type Zero frames (e.g. NRR). Basic IMP3 Stuff. Added extra diagnostics to Lost Process detection. Process Netrom Record Route Frames.

      The installer now adds the folder c:\ProgramFiles\BPQ32\BPQMailChat. This will be the future location for BPQMailChat, John Wiseman's new BBS system which is still in beta. Beta testers should ensure that they have installed the beta test software in that directory.

      Thanks to John Wiseman G8BPQ/GM8BPQ for his continuing work to enhance BPQ32

      73 Ron Stordahl N5IN
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