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2010RE: [BPQ32] block node entries

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  • John Wiseman
    Jul 20 10:37 AM
      With the latest (1.14.1) bpqaxip.dll you should only get entries in your Nodes table from stations in your bpqaxip.cfg, unless the bpqaxip.cfg has the statement:

      DONTCHECKSOURCECALL, which restores the behaviour of previous versions. This is the opposite to what Ron has suggested.

      If you have AUTOADDMAP in bpqaxip.cfg then unknown stations will be added to the table, and NODES will be accepted from them/.

      Ron has queried what happens if you have both - if you have DONTCHECKSOURCECALL then it won't know that the call isn't in the table, so  AUTOADDMAP won't be actioned






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      I thought the newest release had a solution to
      the 'uninvited' nodes coming in via axip... but,
      I can't seem to find anything on it.

      Anyone know if and where the settings are.. ?

      - Mark K2CAN

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