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1992Re: [BPQ32] New BBS and Chat/Converse Software

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  • Peter Mallett
    Jun 23, 2009
      Hi John and the group,

      Excellent news to hear, I will be following progress very closely.

      I would also like to see native dumb Modem ( Baycom ) drivers for serial
      ports and possibly parallel ports.

      A method to export a mail.in file ready to email or perhaps an smtp
      client to automate the process when it is necessary to email a BBS
      forward if the partners BBS is down for an extended length of time.

      A built in 7+ server

      A full Node with AXUDP facilities like Xrouter does as I haven`t seen
      any progress on that front for some years now and it`s looking more like
      we are not going to see any more updates.

      Can be run either _with_ or without _password_ structure.

      I am sure there are a whole lot more things but thats me for now.

      Looking forward to seeing it develop, if you would like a tester in NZ,
      don`t hesitate to yell.

      Regards ..... Peter
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