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1964Re: [BPQ32] Chat Server

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  • Hank Oredson
    May 5, 2009
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      Yes there is loop detection, it's fairly simple.
      Can dig out the code for that if wanted.
      This is the same protocol used by the origional RoundTable
      implemented in my old MB ... there is still one of those
      running in our network ;-)
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      Sent: Tuesday, May 05, 2009 7:11 AM
      Subject: RE: [BPQ32] Chat Server

      Thanks, Hank.
      Is there any loop detection mechanism?
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      Here's the protocol for the RoundTable chat server:

      // Copyright (C) 1987 - 2008
      // H. N. Oredson
      // RoundTable server.
      // Protocol version.
      #define FORMAT       1
      #define FORMAT_O     0   // Offset in frame to format byte.
      #define TYPE_O       1   // Offset in frame to kind byte.
      #define DATA_O       2   // Offset in frame to data.
      // Protocol Frame Types.
      #define id_join   'J'    // User joins RT.
      #define id_leave  'L'    // User leaves RT.
      #define id_link   'N'    // Node joins RT.
      #define id_unlink 'Q'    // Node leaves RT.
      #define id_data   'D'    // Data for all users.
      #define id_send   'S'    // Data for one user.
      #define id_topic  'T'    // User changes topic.
      #define id_user   'I'    // User login information.
      // RT protocol version 1.
      // First two bytes are FORMAT and Frame Type.
      // These are followed by text fields delimited by blanks.
      // Note that "node", "to", "from", "user" are callsigns.
      // ^AD<node> <user> <text>        - Data for all users.
      // ^AI<node> <user> <name> <qth>  - User information.
      // ^AJ<node> <user> <name> <qth>  - User joins.
      // ^AL<node> <user> <name> <qth>  - User leaves.
      // ^AN<node> <node> <alias>       - Node joins.
      // ^AQ<node> <node>               - Node leaves.
      // ^AS<node> <from> <to>   <text> - Data for one user.
      // ^AT<node> <user> <topic>       - User changes topic.
      // Connect protocol:
      // 1. Connect to node.
      // 2. Send *RTL
      // 3. Receive OK. Will get disconnect if link is not allowed.
      // 4. Go to it.
      // Disconnect protocol:
      // 1. If there are users on this node, send an id_leave for each user,
      //    to each node you are disconnecting from.
      // 2. Disconnect.
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      Sent: Tuesday, May 05, 2009 1:31 AM
      Subject: [BPQ32] Chat Server

      I am writing a windows based replacement for the FastChat server that a few of you are using. I would like to add a facilitty to link servers together, and it seems sensible to be compatible with oither systes. Does anyone have a spec for the NOS convers linking protocol?
      John G8BPQ

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