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1962Re: [BPQ32] Chat Server

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  • Hank Oredson
    May 5, 2009
      Here's the protocol for the RoundTable chat server:

      // Copyright (C) 1987 - 2008
      // H. N. Oredson
      // RoundTable server.
      // Protocol version.
      #define FORMAT       1
      #define FORMAT_O     0   // Offset in frame to format byte.
      #define TYPE_O       1   // Offset in frame to kind byte.
      #define DATA_O       2   // Offset in frame to data.
      // Protocol Frame Types.
      #define id_join   'J'    // User joins RT.
      #define id_leave  'L'    // User leaves RT.
      #define id_link   'N'    // Node joins RT.
      #define id_unlink 'Q'    // Node leaves RT.
      #define id_data   'D'    // Data for all users.
      #define id_send   'S'    // Data for one user.
      #define id_topic  'T'    // User changes topic.
      #define id_user   'I'    // User login information.
      // RT protocol version 1.
      // First two bytes are FORMAT and Frame Type.
      // These are followed by text fields delimited by blanks.
      // Note that "node", "to", "from", "user" are callsigns.
      // ^AD<node> <user> <text>        - Data for all users.
      // ^AI<node> <user> <name> <qth>  - User information.
      // ^AJ<node> <user> <name> <qth>  - User joins.
      // ^AL<node> <user> <name> <qth>  - User leaves.
      // ^AN<node> <node> <alias>       - Node joins.
      // ^AQ<node> <node>               - Node leaves.
      // ^AS<node> <from> <to>   <text> - Data for one user.
      // ^AT<node> <user> <topic>       - User changes topic.
      // Connect protocol:
      // 1. Connect to node.
      // 2. Send *RTL
      // 3. Receive OK. Will get disconnect if link is not allowed.
      // 4. Go to it.
      // Disconnect protocol:
      // 1. If there are users on this node, send an id_leave for each user,
      //    to each node you are disconnecting from.
      // 2. Disconnect.
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      Sent: Tuesday, May 05, 2009 1:31 AM
      Subject: [BPQ32] Chat Server

      I am writing a windows based replacement for the FastChat server that a few of you are using. I would like to add a facilitty to link servers together, and it seems sensible to be compatible with oither systes. Does anyone have a spec for the NOS convers linking protocol?
      John G8BPQ

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