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1941BPQ32 works on Windows Server 2008 64 bit

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  • ng7m
    May 1 11:50 AM
      Many may find this interesting, i'm running BPQ on Windows Server 2008 64bit and it's working just fine.

      With the 64bit version the 32 bit code of BPQ and other programs i'm running execute via the WoW (Windows on Windows) 32 bit emulation... BPQ code is obvioulsy 32 bit code.

      I'm also running AR-Cluster and AGW PE Pro on this same setup... all of this code is working fine through the 32bit WoW emulation. AR-Cluster and AGWPE have been running fine like this for months. Very, very reliable on the server class machine I use.

      One thing of interest is that when BPQ was installed with Ron's installer, the bpq32.dll was automatically installed here:


      So the OS knows you are installing 32 bit code and it takes care of the location of the install.

      Ron mentioned that there have been questions about running BPQ on Vista, so this should give us a good idea that it would work where Windows 2008 is using a similar Vista OS kernal.


      mg NG7M
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