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1839BPQ32_410i_2009Apr01 just released!

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  • Ron Stordahl N5IN
    Apr 1, 2009
      A new release, BPQ32_410i_2009Apr01 is now available on the BPQ32
      Yahoo Group site. The links are on the home page following the
      description of the group at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BPQ32/

      The BPQ32 Installer automatically selects the update mode if BPQ32
      exists in the selected install location and retains your current
      configuration while updating all the program components.

      Unlike release 410i_2009Feb07, which was essential, changes incorporated into this release are less critical and can be postponed if you are not experiencing problems described below.

      Description of changes from the release document:

      BPQ32 410i 2009Apr01:

      AGWtoBPQ.exe to correcting a buffer overflow problem that can arise when using UIDX Bridge to transmit dx beacons.

      bpqaxip.dll to correcting a problem where a syntax error in a MAP record could cause a loop.

      BPQTelnetServer.exe to adds an option "DisconnectOnClose=1" to close the telnet session when the user disconnects from the switch.

      Bpq1632.dll to and BPQ1632.exe updated to correct a problem when used with JNOS.

      Thanks to John Wiseman G8BPQ for his continuing work to enhance BPQ32.

      73 Ron Stordahl N5IN
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