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1816Re: [BPQ32] Re: It's been a long time - now JNOS

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  • Bill Vodall WA7NWP
    Mar 31, 2009
      > I don't see why BPQ should be unhappy about not having an application,

      I tried with none of the 1..9 applications set and then BPQ still
      wanted the old BBSCALL and BBSALIAS (may not be correct names) set.

      > but if you want BPQ32 to accept a connect (L2 or L4) and pass it on to
      > JNOS. then you would probably use an application alias eg

      I'll try that again. I think I was confusing the setup by using the
      same name in JNOS (NOS above) as well as in BPQ32.

      > You don't have to have netrom enabled in JNOS, but I found that an L2
      > connect to JNOS doesnt give a BBS prompt - you need to send another
      > message (maybe just CR). It looks as if JNOS doen't know whether the L2
      > session is for NETROM. the BBS or IP over AX25 until it gets the first
      > data packet. With a NETROM connect, you get straight into the mailbox.

      This is an long time issue. The 'mbox jumpstart on' option is one
      workaround. It may also be happy with the Mbox alias instead of the
      system call.

      > John

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