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1680RE: [BPQ32] It's been a long time - now JNOS

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  • Jerry - N9LYA
    Feb 28, 2009

      Hi John…Could u send them to me.. I would like to review…. 73 jerry


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      Subject: RE: [BPQ32] It's been a long time - now JNOS


      Just for a laugh I dug out an old archive, found a jnos.exe version 1.10x10 dated 1993, changed a couple of ip addresses from my old autoexec.nos, ran bpq1632 then jnos, I found I could do an ax.25 connect to my node, and a telnet connect to an Internet DX-Cluster, via my IP over ax.25 gateway. I've forgotten too much about nos to get much further, but if anyone is interested I'll send you my startup files.





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      Subject: [BPQ32] It's been a long time - now JNOS

      Ah the memories of getting BPQ running way back in the 20th century...
      It's very neat that it's still around and better then ever. The
      basic install a couple days ago was painless and it looks like BQP32
      will be the gateway to some cool new packet opportunities..

      Speaking of these 'opportunities', I have some early questions.

      My first and most important issue is -- can JNOS interface with the
      current BPQ32 switch? I want to use JNOS as the main application and
      if BPQ32 provides a hook to the packet stations it'll work out the

      I know I could use AXUDP but I'm trying to avoid the hassle of hooking
      up JNOS (on Windows) to the local Windows (XP-Pro) IP stack.

      BPQ32 has add on modules to provide a virtual TNC com port. Does
      that virtual TNC provide 'kiss' data? If so - and if there's some
      packet pass through from the raw ports that may be just what I need.
      JNOS could just attach the virtual com port and I'm in business.

      If the virtual port looks like ASCI TNC data -- has anybody tried it
      with APRSDOS? Unfortunately APRSDOS doesn't (yet) support KISS.

      How about using the REMSERIAL widget? It would probably be possible
      to run JNOS on the linux box in the other room and connect to the
      BPQ32 virtual com port with REMSERIAL:


      Finally (coffee is waiting) -- is there any example simple scripted
      interface to BQP32. Say for example that I could monitor the flow of
      packets BQP32 hears and when my neighbor Jerry shows up direct -- then
      I could generate an APRS packet of the free space on my drive C: and
      send it out as a UI packet.

      Thanks mucho...

      Bill - WA7NWP

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