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1627RE: [BPQ32] Re: Is BPQ32_410i_2009Feb07 working for everyone?

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  • John Wiseman
    Feb 9, 2009
      Hi Mike, well spotted!
      Yes, the suspect KISS code in 4.10h added the ASYNC label, but this was reverted when I went back to the old kiss code. Once I work out what was going wring with the new code you'll get the label back again.
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      --- In BPQ32@yahoogroups. com, Ron Stordahl <ron_n5in@.. .> wrote:
      > The KISS problem in the release of BPQ32_410h_2009Feb0 4 was a bit
      unusual. Some users didn't experience the problem, others did. In
      testing when I connected by radio to the AR-Cluster application call
      it worked just fine. After the problem was reported I soon found that
      if I connected to the node and typed a 'N' the columns didn't line up
      as the lines were wrapped, as if they were missing their CR-LF
      > Fortunately the installer is designed to allow you to go forward (by
      running the current installer) or to go back (by running an older
      installer) so quickly running BPQ32_410g_2008Dec2 5.exe would put you
      back on the air. I should mention that you cannot go 'way back'. I
      can't recall when I changed the installer to allow this...perhaps a
      year ago. Prior to then all bets are off!
      > Ron, N5IN
      Installed with no problems. Running with the G8BPQ modified version
      of WinFBB 7.01.35a

      But I notice that in the BPQ32Console Window where the line says
      "Initialising Port 1 ...." It used to says "ASYNC" I think, but now it
      is blank. This is on two Radio Ports that I am running using KISS
      mode TNCs (PK232).

      The Ports appear to be working OK.

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