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  • n4zkf
    Feb 1, 2009
      I installed up to BPQ32 4.10C this morning and installed it with
      WinFBB and it worked well with the DRSI cards! (I'm still sending you
      an ISA MB John to continue development) I did want you to know it worked.

      The only problem I had, is with WinFBB. I hadn't run it in awhile (the
      buggy version) and it would clear out the inf.sys file (user file)
      when it ran housekeeping. But the DRSI did work with BPQ32!

      I'll play more later but have to run out now.

      73 Dave

      --- In BPQ32@yahoogroups.com, "Danny PD0SNK" <pd0snk@...> wrote:
      > Hi John and Group.
      > Nice to hear that you are busy with a driver hopefully it wil also
      run with the PA0HZP SCC card and others.
      > I went back to bpq409d but my system hangs every time with it.
      > with bpq32 its mutch more stable together with winfbb32 and tnc
      under win XP.
      > i see that you are getting a mobo with ISA slots :)
      > Well ik i keep monitoring the files section i cant wait to switch
      back to my scc card with BPQ :)
      > I used xrouter for some time but i want to get rid of win98 but not
      the SCC card hi.
      > Ok keep up the good work John !
      > 73's Danny PD0SNK/NL2SNE
      > Well
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