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1594Off the shelf 1.5mbs 900 MHz kits?

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  • Jeff Thomas - WA4ZKO
    Jan 31, 2009
      Anyone looked into or tinkered with these for a backbone?


      Thoughts? Pros? Cons?

      I'm thinking you could take these and build an RF based AXIP link(s)?
      Obviously encryption would have to go if operated under Part 97, but
      then again...who says we have to use them under Part 97 rules?

      Yeah, I know about 2.4ghz links, but 2.4 and 5ghz in my area is next
      to useless due to multiple WISP providers and serious proliferation of
      Part 15 stuff all over the place. 900 MHz isn't perfect either, but
      works better on LOS and Near Line Of Sight paths and seems much more
      sane...for now.

      I'm sure there are other similar kits and probably even better "bang
      for the buck" but I just stumbled across this and got to

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