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14374BPQMail v1.4.61.1 and NTS Messages

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  • John Wiseman
    Aug 19 3:33 AM

      The latest version tightens the rules who can kill messages. Due to a misunderstanding on my part normal users can not kill ‘T’ messages. I thought that delivered messages should be set to state ‘D’. It seems that the normal practice is that the person who delivers the message should kill it. I’ve changed the code back to how it was. If there are no other issues found with this version I’ll do a new release in a few days, but in the meantime if you need it you can download the new code from


      I’ve also added ZIP to the Manage Users, and a flag to control whether a user can send bulletins, so a new version of HTMLPages will be needed if you use the web management interface.


      New LinBPQ versions have been uploaded to the usual dropbox locations.

      73, John



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