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14262Re: Question about WL2K messages

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  • mitchwinkle
    Aug 4 6:13 AM
      John, I certainly trust your evaluation, but I don't understand the B2 WINLINK protocol exchange and they make it very difficult to find details about.  Next time I am at the other station, I will attempt to find AirMail logs and/or recreate this.  Really wishing I could find some local testers, but so far, no joy. 

      I noticed that RMS Express also polls for only the call sign configured in the session, and AirMail does ask for that call sign when establishing a packet connection.  It is entirely possible that I just am using AirMail incorrectly.  My dislike for that program increases each time I use it, but for now, I am locked into it for this particular station because the TNC is a KAM-XL, so RMS Express won't work.  I guess I could set up the whole AGW engine but that just complicates things for the myriad of people who need to use this station.

      If anyone on the list knows of any operators near Richmond, VA that do VHF Winlink, please connect us.  I could really use the local feedback.  ac4iy at qsl dot net
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