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14255RE: [BPQ32] Re: Question about WL2K messages

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  • John Wiseman
    Aug 2, 2014
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      The -15 would prevent you getting the messages for AC4IY, but it shouldn't stop the handshake completing It looks like Airmail didn't send its SID. Do you have a log from Airmail?

      Stripping the -15 would be risky, as -15 could be used as a SID. Outlook Express and Paclink use a mechanism to request messages for a particular call/ssid to get round the NETROM SSID inversion issue. I don't know if Airmail has a similar facility.



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      OK, so again, from the EOC today, I connected to my BPQ system using AirMail, via a Net/ROM node to AC4IY-10 and got the following:

      18:51:57 15 AC4IY-15 Connected to CMS
      18:51:57 15 Callsign :
      18:51:57 15 AC4IY-15
      18:51:57 15 Password :
      18:51:57 15 CMSTELNET

      18:51:58 15 [WL2K-$]<cr>
      18:51:58 15 ;PQ: 74519565<cr>
      18:51:58 15 Wien CMS ><cr>
      18:54:00 15 Disconnected. Bytes Sent = 0 Bytes Received 50 Time 123 Seconds

      OK, I can see that it could not look up messages because of the Callsign: being AC4IY-15 (since it went through a node) instead of just AC4IY.

      Is that my fault or should BPQ strip the "-15" since it's a NET/ROM connection?  Going through a node works in RMS Express or Outpost or Paclink.

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