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  • kb9pvh
    Jul 28, 2014

    Hello Everybody..

    I have switched back to linbpq here and have been getting seg faults from
    time to time.   Am running ver currently.   Noticed that it shows
    up multiple times in the process list - figure this is normal depending on
    what it might be doing at the time with bbs, node, telnet, rms, etc… linking ??
    It may just be my poor computer is too weak to keep up too -- ha…
    This is my backup and was pressed into service when the ssd on the main
    laptop quit.   That one was windows - I have found I like playing with linux
    ALOT more !!! 

    John, thanks for a super cool program for packet that I can use and understand
    most of the time -- hee hee…

    73,     --steve,kb9pvh--

    -- Windows Mail --

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