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1385Having problems getting BPQ to recognize KAM + (I think)

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  • aat3ok
    Dec 4, 2008
      OK, I have tried all the conventional things.. I have my own
      BPQCFG.txt and have compiled it. When I bring up the terminal program
      and try connecting to the port the radio is on I see connect messages
      on the transmit screen but it never keys the transmitter..

      I think for I have been tracking the wrong problem for several days
      now.. thinking it was my bpqcfg files. Sooo I decided to compile
      several bpqcfg files that others had sent me and with the transmitter
      in a dummy load, issued the normal C 2 and callsign. Again the same
      thing no transmitter key.

      So now I am thinking that it is a TNC problem. I am using a KAM Plus
      that is working correctly with normal packet programs including (WL2K)
      RMS Packet. I find myself wondering if the TNC is going into KISS
      mode correctly.

      Now I have a question regarding setting the TNC up in BPQ. Is there
      some TNC specific command in BPQ that tells it what type of TNC is
      being used or is it just generic TNC commands that determine which
      TNC is being used.


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