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13125RE: [BPQ32] Can I add an additional UDP Port?

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  • Mike Melnik
    Mar 25 11:20 AM
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      11001 showing in the Resolver window is you have not received a ping or
      connection back from the other station, a few things can cause this:
      error in you map line
      Error in remote station map line or his DNS updater is not setup or running
      More likely 10092 UDP in is router is blocked.

      Note: is he has Satellite & Cell ISP server, UDP will not work, you both
      would need to switch to AXTCP.

      I have included a port checking tool in my drop box, download and install,
      close all BPQ Programs
      That are using the port in question, enter UDP and 10092 if it is open on
      your end send your partner
      The drop box URL with the instructions.

      You can also try commenting out his Map line in your AXIP Port, in most
      cases only one side needs the
      Map line, if there is an error on the remote side DNS Host this may solve
      the problem.

      Portforwarding.com is a good resource for Routers.


      let me know how your turn out.

      Mike N9PMO
      BPQ32 Group Moderator
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      Subject: [BPQ32] Can I add an additional UDP Port?

      I need some help as I can't find the answers I need.  Like most, I am using
      AXIP to forward with other stations.  Most all are using UDP 10093.  I have
      new station who uses UDP 10092.  I have that port opened in my firewall and
      added the line UDP 10092 in my AX/IP/UDP port definition string but seem to
      be getting an error.  My the AXIP Port # Resolver, I see the station I want
      to communicate with the proper MAP string but it ends with = 11001 B instead
      of the actual IP address of that station. 

      Below is a copy of my AXIP section.  Do I need UDP 10092, 10093 or as I have

      Many thanks,

      ;-------------------------- AX/IP/UDP port definition.-------------
       UDP 10092
       UDP 10093
      All my MAP DATA is next.
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