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13124RE: [BPQ32] Can I add an additional UDP Port?

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  • John Wiseman
    Mar 25, 2014


      Error 11001 is “Host Not Found”. Check the host name in the MAP statement.




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      I need some help as I can't find the answers I need.  Like most, I am using AXIP to forward with other stations.  Most all are using UDP 10093.  I have new station who uses UDP 10092.  I have that port opened in my firewall and added the line UDP 10092 in my AX/IP/UDP port definition string but seem to be getting an error.  My the AXIP Port # Resolver, I see the station I want to communicate with the proper MAP string but it ends with = 11001 B instead of the actual IP address of that station. 


      Below is a copy of my AXIP section.  Do I need UDP 10092 , 10093 or as I have below?


      Many thanks,


      ;-------------------------- AX/IP/UDP port definition.-------------
       UDP 10092
       UDP 10093

      All my MAP DATA is next.


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