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13107Re: [BPQ32] BPQ and Dstar Slow Data

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  • ae5me
    Mar 23, 2014
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      While the throughput is roughly equivalent between 1200 bps packet and the "low speed" data channel available on D-star 4800 bps, the down side to using D-star for data in that manner is that it ties up a voice channel in the process.  If you're on a  repeater, stations won't be able to speak while the "data only" traffic is being carried.  Vice-versa, the data side will have to wait (sometimes minutes for long winded QSOs) for the voice traffic to pass.


      I have begun have doubts that D-star low-speed data will ever have widespread adoption due to this limitation.  You are basically blocking up 3600 bps voice with 1200 bps data.  Which would probably cause you to go back to 1200 bps packet.


      Of course, you could always use the high speed channel available on the 1.2 Ghz radios and eliminate the issue completely!


      Since the D-rats software already has a way to carry TCP traffic built into it, I would think any access to a BPQ32 mail BBS could be handled fairly effectively in that manner.  Don't see a real need to go beyond those basics given the issues I've raised above.


      --Jeff Scoville AE5ME

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