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13095Re: User info data from bpq mail

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  • Don Poaps
    Mar 23, 2014
      I just got up. I've got the old box running in another room. So from what I'm seeing. Regedit > go to the bpq32 entry. > save as a reg file> copy file to new XP box. Import old BBS reg file into new XP system.

      My old PK 900. Had issues. It won't transmit. I have gotten new cables, TNC radio cable new. Out with that TNC box. The TNC-x being shipped Monday. 

      Will continue to tweak the system with out a TNC. Still can figure out why the Kenwood doesn't talk. 

      Thank you for the info. Time for a coffee and grub..


      Don va7dgp

      On Sunday, March 23, 2014, John Wiseman <john.wiseman@...> wrote:


      Forwarding settings are stored in the registry (along with a lot of other info). This is normally exported during BBS Houekeeping, but can also be run manually from the BBS Actions Menu. The file (BPQMailChat.reg) can then be imported into the new machine using regedit. You also need the user file from the old bbs (BPQBBSUsers.dat). If you want to copy the whole BBS system to another machine, you can save the registry and then copy the whole BPQMailChat folder and subfolders to the new machine, then import the registry.


      In either case, if you are moving from a system running XP or below to one running Vista or above you need to edit the registry file before importing. Contact me if this applies to you.





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      Is there a way to export the user data base with all of the connect strings one had acquired. The info to be imported into a new box. 


      Don va7dgp


      Don Poaps

      New Westminster, BC




      Don Poaps
      New Westminster, BC

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