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13094RE: [BPQ32] bpq32 V6.0.5.23 crashes

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  • John Wiseman
    Mar 23 6:11 AM
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      Sorry, Dave.


      You’ll also need the latest BPQMail.exe to run with those pages.




      I haven’t added the ZIP display yet.






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      Subject: RE: [BPQ32] bpq32 V6.0.5.23 crashes



      Thanks John
      I had a chance this morning to try the DLL and HTML pages.
      my finding:

      Routes OK

      Nodes OK

      Ports OK

      Links OK

      Users OK

      Stats OK


                     Bbs OK

                     Rms OK

                     Chat OK

                     Connect The .dll did crash once but was unable to reproduce it. Note did not find anything useful in event logs when the first crash occurred. I had one instance where I was connect via two digi’s (RF) to a far end node and when I issued a n l to look at the nodes, I could see on the port monitor that the far end node broadcasted the nodes list however they did not show on terminal window, in fact terminal window seem to hold all display. Issued a b to disconnect and disconnect was sent and all links were removed according to port monitor but not shown on terminal display.  I will have to try that again. No failure on original crash was able to continue working even though *****Retry time out on bad nodes had occurred.

                     Bye OK

                     Info OK

                     Nodes OK

                     Ports OK

                     Routes OK

                     Users OK


      Drivers Window shows HTTP Session but no Callsign or Queue information for session.

      Stream Status OK

      Mail Server

                     Status OK

                     Config cause crash of mail server

                     Users still does not show Zipcode

                     Messages OK

                     Forwarding OK

      Welcome OK

      House OK

      WP OK

      Node Return OK

      Chat Server

                     Status OK

                     Config OK

                     Return OK

      I will do some more testing later today and if I find something else I will advise.
      Thanks for all you do.
      73 Dave

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