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  • John Wiseman
    Mar 13, 2014


      The Windows version of TermTCP has a configuration option called (rather unhelpfully) “Chat Terminal Mode” that sends a keep alive to hold sessions open. Although the parameter is the in the Linux version, it didn’t do anything.

      The Linux version of TermTCP was written by Ryan, KB8BMY. I’ve updated the latest source from his website to add the keep alive. This later version has a number of new features, such as user selectable fonts.






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      Thanks John. I think I had most of this. The key was shutting down pilinbpq and restarting so it would read the new config. Hadn't thought of that.

      PiTermTCP seems to disconnect by itself after 5 minutes or so. Is this normal? I would kind of like to leave it running for longer periods of time so I can come back and see what it has been doing.

      Tnx agn, 73,
      Wayne K7EX

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