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12361RE: [BPQ32] TCP/IP on AX25...

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  • John Wiseman
    Feb 12, 2014


      It depends what you mean!

      BPQ32 will transport and switch IP over AX.25 packets, so packets originating elsewhere can arrive on one port and be switched out on another. It will also switch between IP over Ethernet and IP over ax.25. But BPQ cannot be the end point for a TCP connection, so you can't, for example, telnet over ax.25 to the Mail Server unless you go out over Ethernet and back in to TelnetServer.

      I've deliberately used the term switch rather than route, as BPQ acts as a MAC level bridge.






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      To confirm...

      BPQ32 doesn't (yet) do TCP/IP on AX25...

      AGWPE does (of sorts?)

      I know this comes with *NIX but that's not an option today - WinXP is
      the OS that's currently available.


      Bill, WA7NWP

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