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12358Re: [BPQ32] What is wrong with this?

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  • Dave Webb
    Feb 11, 2014
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      Yes it is.
      With the binary turned off at either or both ends it makes no difference. 
      I was able to get into the VHF node associated with this URONode. I have also been able to reach the keyboard of the Sysop (Ted) down there over the air (VHF). He is now setting up an FBB system using your legacy DOS BPQ node at his home QTH to see what happens. For now, it's still a work in progress. I'm waiting on Ted at this time.
      Thanks again for your help

      On 2/11/2014 1:57 PM, John Wiseman wrote:


      Is this using the URONode system we were testing with before?

      If so, I suspect that its telnet support is not compatible with FBB. FBB's "Telnet" Forwarding doesn't actually use telnet, but a pure TCP connection, so my code has to do the same to talk to it. If the URONode is doing proper Telnet transparency, it won't work.

      You could try doing a text mode transfer rather than binary, and see if that works any better.




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      Subject: [BPQ32] What is wrong with this?

      I'm trying to connect to an FBB system via Telnet through a node.
      I get through the node ok but get the below error.
      I have allow binary and B2 protocol set. The same thing happens with B1

      140209 14:30:25 <AGA4CC COA:AGA4CC-3} Connected to BBSCOA:AGA4CC-4
      140209 14:30:25 <AGA4CC [FBB-7.04j-AB1FHMRX$]
      140209 14:30:25 <AGA4CC AGA4CC Mailbox, QTH EL98PI.
      140209 14:30:25 <AGA4CC (1) AGA4CC BBS>
      140209 14:30:25 >AGA4CC [BPQ-$]
      140209 14:30:25 >AGA4CC FA B AFB2MC SOLAR PROP ARLP_14005 3110
      140209 14:30:25 >AGA4CC F> D0
      140209 14:30:27 <AGA4CC *** Protocol error: Line starting with a
      letter which is not "F" or "*".
      140209 14:30:27 >AGA4CC *** Protocol Error - Line should start with 'F'
      140209 14:30:27 |AGA4CC AGA4CC Disconnected


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