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12355Re: [BPQ32] Mailbox in Winmor mode?

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  • Dean
    Feb 11, 2014
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      A ham friend in Paraguay and I are using V4 Chat in ARQ mode very
      successfully. It would be really great if V4 Chat had a mailbox
      built-in bit it doesn't. So we are looking for a Chat program that
      also has a personal mailbox built-in for direct P2P operation. We want
      to be able to connect to each other's station anytime and send a message
      or pick up a message, in Winmor mode. And of course this would work in
      the unlikely(?) event of an internet failure or whatever. Is there any
      way to do this with BPQ32? Or does anyone know of any software that
      will do this without using our TNC's? Thanks.

      73, Dean
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