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12346DigiMap error

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  • wavetel1
    Feb 10, 2014
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      Ive just upgraded to v6.0.5.1 BPQ32 from . Ive had this error from the old APRS digi config happening for a while now and should clear this up. I am not wanting to digi anything basically. Ive searched the documentations and cant find anything about this but there must have been a syntax change a while back.

      The error reads in the console window.
      APRS Bad config record Digimap 1=
      APRS Bad config record Digimap 2=
      APRS Digi/Gateway Enabled

      My config file reads like this
       ;    Define Crossport Digi. For each port, a list of ports to send a packet to (IS means send to APRS-IS)
       ;    If a Digimap isn't specified for a port, digi out on the port the packet arrived on,
       ;        and send to APRS-IS (if enabled)
       ;    If you want to digi on same port, but not send to APRS-IS, Specify Digimap n=n
       ;    If you dont want to digi on a port, specify Digimap n=
       Digimap 1=             ; Don't digi packets received on port 1
       Digimap 2=             ; Don't digi packets received on port 2
       ;Digimap 1=9            ; Packets from 1 to 9, but not APRS-IS
       ;Digimap 7=7,9,IS       ; Packets from 7 to 7, 9 and APRS-IS
       ;Digimap 9=             ; Don't digi packets received on port 9

      Also I posted a message on here about a month ago regards issues I had with my TNC-X but nobody commented on this problem. It was buried in the middle of another long discussion happening at that time.
      Ive just changed back from AGW PE to BPQ32 now to see how stable it is with the TNC-X. So far AGW PE has been running for very long periods unlike BPQ32 of recent times

      Tony VK5AH
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