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  • John Wiseman
    Dec 20, 2013
      That is something I'd like to get working, but it will need a fair amont of work, and I'm struggling even to get a 44 net allocation in the UK. I need to try again - I just gave up after waiting a long time and a couple of emails to the coordinator.

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      On 21/12/13 00:32, John Wiseman wrote:

      Ok, Peter.
      What is it you want to do?

      Hi John,

                 To use Amprnet Net44 using either encap.txt or rip44d, encap.txt would maybe the easier ?

      I guess as BPQ32 is not a router as such, it would be quite a big job to include that function.

      I think I will have to tear the rest of my hair out and go down the RIP path in Linux.

      Regards ..... Peter

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