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11997RE: [BPQ32] RE: LinBPQ

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  • John Wiseman
    Dec 14, 2013
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      The Last Listed count is only saved when a user disconenects cleanly (so if a connection drops during a listing you can do it again). If the program crashes while you are still connected it won't be saved.

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      Its virtually ‘every 20 minutes’ John … There is nothing common that I can see in ‘syslog.sys’ .. Before each error message there are different statements before the error message …  I’ll try the core dump and see what that gives …

      What I do find is that it’s just LinBPQ  that restarts on my server … Every time it does this, it appears as if LinBPQ ‘forgets where my last message counter as each time I do a ‘L’ I get the ALL messages listed the first time I log in ..

      I’ve switched off housekeeping messages as it gave a message regarding housekeeping every time LinBPQ rebooted every 20 minutes (that’s 72 messages each day) ..

      I had the LinBPQ POP3 account being checked every 20 minutes so changed to 30 minutes – LinBPQ still reboots every 20 minutes ..

      I have no idea why the 20 minute reboot takes place ….

      73, Dick


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      No, but not sure what to suggest....

      Is i t exactly 20 minutes (or exacty the same interval)?

      Is there anything common in syslog just before it restarts?

      The error is in the c runtime, so it is more difficult to track down than errors in my code.

      It might also be worth enabling core dumps if you haven't already done so - run ulimit -c unlimited before linbpq.



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      John, did you miss this email ???


      John, my LinBPQ keeps restarting every 20 min utes ..

      In ‘syslog’ I get :

      Dec 13 22:42:10 ham-radio kernel: [42854.251342] linbpq[29060]: segfault at 96a1000 ip b75fe712 sp bfd80c38 error 6 in libc-2.17.so[b74bf000+1ae000]” ..

      Does this have a bearing on the problem ??

      This Friday morning at 04:45 local time we had a power failure and only returned around 08:00 .. Maybe some file became corrupt ?? … (Edit: I actually got this error message the day before, so it wasn’t the power failure causing his … When I check personal messages I fin d about a 120 odd housekeeping message for me!) …

      73,Dick ZS6RO/ZS1RO/ZS0MEE/M0HMB

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