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11983RE: [BPQ32] RE: LinBPQ

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  • John Wiseman
    Dec 14, 2013
      No, but not sure what to suggest....
      Is it exactly 20 minutes (or exacty the same interval)?
      Is there anything common in syslog just before it restarts?
      The error is in the c runtime, so it is more difficult to track down than errors in my code.
      It might also be worth enabling core dumps if you haven't already done so - run ulimit -c unlimited before linbpq.

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      Sent: 14 December 2013 15:14
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      John, did you miss this email ???


      John, my LinBPQ keeps restarting every 20 minutes ..

      In ‘syslog’ I get :

      Dec 13 22:42:10 ham-radio kernel: [42854.251342] linbpq[29060]: segfault at 96a1000 ip b75fe712 sp bfd80c38 error 6 in libc-2.17.so[b74bf000+1ae000]” ..

      Does this have a bearing on the problem ??

      This Friday morning at 04:45 local time we had a power failure and only returned around 08:00 .. Maybe some file became corrupt ?? … (Edit: I actually got this error message the day before, so it wasn’t the power failure causing his … When I check personal messages I find about a 120 odd housekeeping message for me!) …

      73,Dick ZS6RO/ZS1RO/ZS0MEE/M0HMB

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