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11808Re: [BPQ32] RPiBPQ32

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  • Bob Tenty
    Nov 24, 2013
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      Oops I mean com1 of course..

      Same here, use Linux since the beginning.


      On 13-11-24 10:37 PM, Richard wrote:

      Bob, I know about kissattach and pseudo ports etc. – I’ve played with them for the last 20 odd years and migrated to the latest versions of creating them … Must admit I haven’t used ‘net2kiss’ …


      Maybe I should try using your method and see if that will work on my RPi … By the way there is no ‘COM0’ in Linux … COM1 would equal ‘/dev/ttyS0’ or ‘/dev/ttyUSB0’ but guess that was just a typo on your end - *Grin …


      73, Dick


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