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11806RE: [BPQ32] RPiBPQ32

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  • Richard
    Nov 24, 2013
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      John, I have basically created the same scenario as your documentation on setting up DXSpider with RPiBPQ ,,,


      I am manually starting up ‘runbpq’ each time and there are no errors showing (except for the one “tty_speed: tcgetattr: Invalid argument”) as RPiBPQ starts up …


      I can access the Node or the BBS or Chat with no problems ..


      I cannot access ‘DXC’ or even ‘C ZS6RO-4’ to bring up DXSpider from the Node … But if I wait long enough and type ‘N’ to see the Nodes I’ll eventually see ‘RODXC’ which is the alias for my DXSpider … Then if I type ‘DXC’ or ‘C RODXC’, DXSpider will come up and if I then type ‘W’ to see who is connected, my RPi crashes !!! .. I then must remove power to the RPi and reconnect again ..


      This is repeatable – any idea why this should cause such a drastic effect ???


      73, Dick ZS6RO / ZS1RO / ZS0MEE /M0HMB


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