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  • Bob Tenty
    Nov 24, 2013
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      Let say you attach com0 what is called ttyS0 in linux.

      kissattach /dev/ttyS0 radio  creates an ax25 interface ax0

      net2kiss -i ax0 /dev/ptys8 & (& makes it a back-round process)

      net2kiss converts a network AX.25 driver to a KISS stream on a pseudo-tty

      You attach the slave side ttys8 to your other packet program like Jnos or BPQ

      With this the ax25 ax0 interface can be accessed by the ax25 utillites like from your linux node
      but the data is copied and streamed from/to Jnos or BPQ and they can tx/rx also stream data to it.

      So the trick is that date is copied < > it is like a pipe.

      You can repeat this with the same ax25 network interface and another pseudo-tty.



      On 13-11-24 09:23 AM, Richard wrote:

      Bob, in simple terms, what is interfacing the various Nodes (Jnos, Xnet, LinuxNode etc.) to the radios – BPQ ???


      Or are you interfacing the various nodes to the radios via the AX25 utilities ?? .. How is BPQ then linked to all this ??


      You state that BPQ and AX25 utilities are able to ‘directly’ connect to the radios .. How ?? .. How is it possible to have two controlling services ‘directly’ connected to the same radio ?? .. I understand if one uses BPQ ‘or’ AX25 utilities, that various services on the other side of BPQ ‘or’ AX25 utilities are then able to access the radios simultaneously … How does one connect BPQ ‘and’ AX25 utilities to the radios ??


      73, Dick




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      >You say, let the AX25 utilities control the radios and then let services that require the radio(s) work via the AX25 utilities >Can BPQ work via the AX25 utilities to get to the radios ???

      Hi Dick,

      What you want to do and how to set it up is up to you.
      I only wanted to point out that it is possible that you can access for instance the radio (interface) directly from BPQ and the linux
      ax25 utilities (the linux node). The radio user can also directly access them in that way.
      Of course you also have to make it possible anyhow that you can access one node from the other.

      Here I made it possible that most of my nodes (Jnos, Xnet, Linux node, etc) can access the radio directly.
      They can also access all other nodes from each other.


      Bob VE3TOK

      On 13-11-24 04:22 AM, Richard wrote:


      Bob, thanks for responding - sorry for the delay in replying – been busy cleaning up (tweaking) the various services I have added to the Raspberry Pi …. Currently I have APRX (APRS server) and DX-Spider running on the RPi … RPiLinBPQ is installed and partially configured but disabled until I can clarify the way to go – see below ……..


      You say, let the AX25 utilities control the radios and then let services that require the radio(s) work via the AX25 utilities .. Can BPQ work via the AX25 utilities to get to the radios ???


      Can one not swap this idea around and let RPiLinBPQ control the radios (radios connected to BPQ) and then services that require using the radios, work via RPiLinBPQ instead ??? .. Is the mechanism available in BPQ to do this ??? .. Looking at the scenario I see that BPQ is the ‘main’ feature here with other services being accessed via BPQ (or if running in the background (like APRX/DXSpider) then BPQ allows them access to the radios) …


      Bottom line - which would the least messiest (most efficient) way be to implement all this ???

      73, Dick ZS6RO / ZS1RO / ZS0MEE / M0HMB


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      You can let the ax25 utilities control the com port but also let another packet program like BPQ access the radio port at the same time.
      net2kiss can echo traffic from/to an existing ax25 interface. (Example: net2kiss -i ax0 /dev/ptys8)
      You attach the tty slave to BPQ (in this example, ttys8)
      Now both "see" the radio interface.


      Bob VE3TOK

      On 13-11-21 12:53 PM, Richard wrote:

      I am ‘fiddling’ with a Raspberry Pi with Raspbian Wheezy operating system..

      I have installed pilinbpq (filename changed to ‘linbpq’ and used my config file - (I’ve rem’ed out the radio ports for the time being) from my existing running LinBPQ which is set up on a desktop …

      RPiBPQ runs fine with no errors when manually launched …

      I’ve fitted a radio/TNC to USB port ‘/dev/ttyUSB0’ (USB to RS-232 cable) via a powered USB hub and using minicom on the RPi I can ‘talk’ to the TNC/Radio combination perfectly - (TNC’s being PK-232 (HF) and MFJ-1270B (VHF)) …

      I am contemplating running AX25/Netrom so that various apps can access the radio USB ports, like BPQ, DX-Spider, APRX (I know BPQ has APRS feature but I don’t like it) … John has a web page showing how to run DX-Spider through BPQ …

      Would using the  linux kernel AX25 and Netrom code be the way to go or should I let BPQ control the com ports (USB) and then attach other apps through BPQ – can I use BPQ to ‘control’ things and if so, how ???

      € 73, Dick ZS6RO / ZS1RO / ZS0MEE / M0HMB




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