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  • John Wiseman
    Nov 24, 2013
      The socat pair is a pair of com ports - nothing to do with TCP.
      For DX Spider, the method I suggests creates a KISS link between LinBPQ and the Kernal ax.25, and runs NETROM over it, so the spider node appears in the LinBPQ NODES table, and can be connected to like any other application.
      For APRX you need UI frames, and direct access to the radio ports. Though you could do something similar to the Spider setup, APRX would have to digi through LinBPQ to get to the radios. By using the method I suggest, frames are passed unchanged between the radio ports and APRX using LinBPQ's bridging option.

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      Hmmm John, sort of defeats the purpose of what I’m trying to do …

      My understanding of your doc of linking DXSpider to BPQ is that it is a TCP link by virtue of the socat pair, so why can’t I link APRX to BPQ using APRX’s  3rd method (TCP) and another socat pair ??

      Usually I just figure out what I want to do then try it – if it doesn’t work, I figure out something else and try that, ad nauseam – until I get it to work (called empirical design - *Grin) …

      In this instance, I’m tired and I’m ‘taking shortcuts’ – had a few consecutive sleepless nights working here and I think  it’s showing - *Sigh …

      73, Dick


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      I don't think you can use the same COM port for both LinBPQ and the Kernal ax.25. So I think you'll have to use a Serial Device (in this case half of a socat pair) for APRX.

      This assumes you are using the same radio port for APRS and normal packet traffic. In most places dedicated frequencies are used for APRS, so you could define the APRS port to APRX and the general packet port to LinBPQ, but I don't think that applies to you.




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      &n bsp;

      Thanks for the reply John …. From what I’ve read of BPQ, I had this vague idea of what you just mentioned about using BPQ to control the radios and interface other services ..

      APRX from what I understand has three methods of talking to radios:

      1.Linux AX.25 devices (ax25-device);  2.Generic POSIX serial ports (serial-device);  3.Remote network serial ports (tcp-device)

      Since I need AX25 utilities for BPQ/DXSpider &nb sp;I’ll use ‘1. AX25 devices’ to get APRX to talk to the radios … I wonder if by virtue of using the AX25 utilities for APRX, I’ll be able t o get BPQ and APRX to talk to each other ?? ..

      Would I use a similar technique to get BPQ and APRX linked as in BPQ and DXSpider ??

      73, Dick ZS6RO / ZS1RO / ZS0MEE / M0HMB

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      LinBPQ is desgined to be a replacement for the Kernel ax.25 and Netrom code, not to use it. There are probably ways round this, but I'd suggest letting LinBPQ control your radios.

      As far as I know, you will still need the Kernel ax.25 for Spider - as you've mentioned, there are instrructions in my docs.

      I believe APRX talks directly to the TNCs and doesn't use the Kernel ax.25, There is a section on using other APRS clients with LinBPQ in the document


      73, John

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      Bob, thanks for responding - sorry for the delay in replying – been busy cleaning up (tweaking) the various services I have added to the Raspberry Pi …. Currently I have APRX (APRS server) and DX-Spider running on the RPi … RPiLinBPQ is installed and partially configured but disabled until I can clarify the way to go – see below ……..

      You say, let the AX25 utilities control the radios and then let services that require the radio(s) work via the AX25 utilities .. Can BPQ work via the AX25 utilities to get to the radios ? ??

      Can one not swap this idea around and let RPiLinBPQ control the radios (radios connected to BPQ) and then services that require using the radios, work via RPiLinBPQ instead ??? .. Is the mechanism available in BPQ to do this ??? .. Looking at the scenario I see that BPQ is the ‘main’ feature here with other serv ices being accessed via BPQ (or if running in the background (like APRX/DXSpider) then BPQ allows them access to the radios) …

      Bottom line - which would the least messiest (most efficient) way be to implement all this ???

      73, Dick ZS6RO / ZS1RO / ZS0MEE / M0HMB

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      You can let the ax25 utilities control the com port but also let another packet program like BPQ access the radio port at the same time.
      net2kiss can echo traffic from/to an existing ax25 interface. (Example: net2kiss -i ax0 /dev/ptys8)
      You attach the tty slave to BPQ (in this example, ttys8)
      Now both "see" the radio inter face.


      Bob VE3TOK

      On 1 3-11-21 12:53 PM, Richard wrote:

      I am ‘fiddling’ with a Raspberry Pi with Raspbian Wheezy operating system..

      I have installed pilinbpq (filename changed to ‘linbpq’ and used my config file - (I’ve rem’ed out the radio ports for the time being) from my existing running LinBPQ which is set up on a desktop …

      RPiBPQ runs fine with no errors when manually launched …

      I’v e fitted a radio/TNC to USB port ‘/dev/ttyUSB0’ (USB to RS-232 cable) via a powered USB hub and using minicom on the RPi I can ‘talk’ to the TNC/Radio combination perfectly - (TNC’s being PK-232 (HF) and MFJ-1270B (VHF)) …

      I am contemplating running AX25/Netrom so that various apps can access the radio USB ports, like BPQ, DX-Spider, APRX (I kno w BPQ has APRS feature but I don’t like it) … John has a web page showing how to run DX-Spider through BPQ …

      Would using the  linux kernel AX25 and Netrom code be the way to go or should I let BPQ control the com ports (USB) and then attach other apps through BPQ – can I use BPQ to ‘control’ things and if so, how ???

      73, Dick ZS6RO / ZS1RO / ZS0MEE / M0HMB/ o>

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