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1170Re: [BPQ32] bpq 408 problem

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  • Miroslav Skoric
    Sep 6, 2008
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      k_rung wrote:

      > Obeveously I have set something incorrectly in all of these bpq
      > switches to make them behave in a similar manner.

      Klaus, I am not sure but it looks to me that you may check a parameter
      called MAXLINKS=n (Here it is MAXLINKS=30). Maybe a too low value
      prevents your node to accept more than 'n' links, after your users make
      'n' links to/from distant nodes?

      Now, my own issue:

      I also run BPQ 4.08 on a 286 DOS box and it makes me wonder if it is
      possible to add a TCPIP port on it (actually just to add an IP address
      that can accept incoming telnet connections). At the moment, I have 1
      VHF radio port and 1 Ethernet port. The latter connects over LAN to
      another PC running BPQ32. And I would like to use the same LAN for TCPIP
      connections to the BPQ 4.08 switch (using telnet command from the second
      PC or WinPack).

      Is that possible?

      Misko YT7MPB

      > Does this information ring a bell with someone that is familiar with
      > bpq switches and networks?
      > Any help would be appreciated.
      > Klaus
      > ve3kr
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