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11638Linux Segmentation fault updating users

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  • leonard_schmtt
    Nov 10, 2013
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      I am totally new to Linux and trying to configure our current BBQ32 BBS for trial on a Linux box. I've had a couple of hurdles to cross. Here's the latest one:
      When I access the HTML interface for the Mail Server on the local Linux machine and attempt to Update data on an existing user Linbpq quits and I get a Segmentation Fault Error. 
      So I tried starting the program as an administrator ( sudo ./linbpq mail ).
      When I used that route, I was able to edit users and update their data with no crashes.
      So I think the problem has something to do with access and read/write privileges on the files. I have not yet set up the program to restart automatically if it fails. I was wanting to solve the other issue first. 
      How do I fix this?

      Len N9QVQ (co-sysop for AA9MM)
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