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11614Re: [BPQ32] Message Routing

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  • K.O. Higgs
    Oct 26, 2013
      John, I find that your instructions re p-mail works.  But, it does not seem to work for bulls.
      I placed all of the state codes (AL,AR,TX,MO,NY,etc) in the "Hierarchical Routes (Flood Bulls)"
      field, then tried to send a bull "sb test@ar" and the bbs reply was "@bbs specified but no
      forwarding is available - may not be delivered". And, sure enough, it wasn't.

      73,  K.O. n0kfq

      On 10/26/2013 5:21 AM, John Wiseman wrote:

      BPQ Mail was designed to use Hierarchical addressing/Routing. Routing via the TO or AT calls was only intended to handle the final distrubution in an area. But it seems most sysops have stuck with the old system of having huge lists in the AT field.

      Pleass forgive me if I'm telling you stuff you already know, but I'll give an outline of how the system is supposed to work.

      Each BBS has a list of the Continents/Countries/States/Areas that it can forward to. Take for example Jerry. He has an RF link to GB7CIP in the UK. When the link was set up, the shouild ask the remote sysop who he can forward to. Assuming he can handle messages to all of EU, Jerry would put EU in the "HR Pwersonals and Directed Bulls) field. If he could only handle some european countries, then they would be listed. So now any message that gets to Jerry, for any staion with EU in it's HA, will be forwarded.

      So how do other BBS's in the States know where to send it? Anyone who forwards to Jerry adds the same routes  Anyone who forwards to someone who forwards to Jerry adds the same routes.

      The same principle applies at state and area level. If a BBS can forward to all systems in a particular state/area, that state's code can be added to all his forwarding partners systems. Only within that state/area will routing be done on the AT field.

      The only problems with this are that all messages need an HA, and it requires sysops to TALK TO EACH OTHER! Before adding  forwarding partners you should determine what forwarding routes they have. If  you add a new partner with useful routes, or remove one, you should tell your neighbours.

      The routing is done on a "best match" basis. So if for example you have one partner who can handle GBR and another the rest of EU, you can put GBR in the first and EU in the second. Even though messages  to GBR also match EU, they will be sent to the first.

      73, John


      K.O. Higgs 
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