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1157RE: [BPQ32] Re: Starting WinFbb

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  • Mike Melnik
    Aug 11, 2008
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      Glad to hear you have it running, you can go a head and setup Telnet and BPQ

      Just remember BPQ must be your first Port selection, and for Telnet select

      TLN not TCP,  I have several telnet and AXIP Ports, I will be more then happy

      To help with the setup,


      TELNET Ports








      AXIP UDP ports





      The other two axip ports are restricted


      My DNS Address same as my web site, n9pmo.dyndns.org




      Mike Melnik

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      Thanks for the help.
      I now have it installed and running.

      Now i'm going to work on
      telnet, bpq32, and connecting it to my kamPlus. ( or should i wait
      till my signalink usb get here?)

      --- In BPQ32@yahoogroups. com, "Mike Melnik" <mmelnik1@.. .> wrote:

      > HI Fred
      > Sorry for the delay, it is best to download the WFBB 700 from my web
      > 7.00E is more
      > Stable then 7.01-35,, the download has all needed files, setting
      7.00E up
      > with BPQ32
      > Can be a bit confusing, any problems, please let me know.
      > Mike Melnik
      > <http://n9pmo. dyndns.org/>
      http://n9pmo. dyndns.org

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