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11498Re: [BPQ32] RE: BPQ32_6.0.4.1_20131006 including BPQMail, BPQChat and BPQAPRS is now available

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  • Dave Webb
    Oct 15, 2013
      I backed off to console ver then replaced BPQmail.exe with as I had done previously for the timing issue you patched.
      Thanks and 73

      On 10/15/2013 5:15 PM, John Wiseman wrote:

      Hi Dave and Dale,
      Could you confirm what version you are running now, so I know where to look for changes?

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      Sent: 15 October 2013 21:48
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      Subject: Re: [BPQ32] RE: BPQ32_6.0.4.1_20131006 including BPQMail, BPQChat and BPQAPRS is now available


      I Just got back from vacation. I just upgraded to the new build but found that it would NOT initialize the PK232. (comm16 via a usb serial conversion cable)
      This is on my XP computer. The upgrade seemed to go fine and everything except for the PK232 port seemed worked fine.
      I backed of to my prior build and everything is fine again.
      Looks like a lot has happened since I left 3 weeks ago.

      On 10/15/2013 12:36 PM, kj6ix@... wrote:

      I was wondering if anyone has had a problem installing the full version of the new build. ? What is going is that after I install the new version and run the program all seems to work correct ! But when I try to use a RF port I'm unable to connect !! to my users !.. I see the connect request going out and see on my tnc's the reply but will not connect or show up on my terminal program !... I went back to the last Build and all is working again... Any ideas ?

      Dale KJ6IX

      ---In bpq32@yahoogroups.com, <mmelnik1@...> wrote:



      I saw the updates were available from You, 4 files, I waited until the complete one peace installer

      Was posted by John and You on both web sites.


      All posting seem to have been working fine..




      Mike N9PMO
      BPQ32 Group Moderator

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      Subject: [BPQ32] Re: BPQ32_6.0.4.1_20131006 including BPQMail, BPQChat and BPQAPRS is now available



      The BPQ32 Yahoo Group links, the ones on the welcome page as well as in the Files and Links sections, are working here in Minnesota.

      Anyone seeing this problem besides John?


      --- In BPQ32@yahoogroups.com, "John Wiseman" <john.wiseman@...> wrote:

      > Thanks, Ron.
      > It looks like the links on the Yahoo site have stopped working. The
      > installer can be downloaded from
      > http://dxspots.com/BPQ32/Installer/BPQ32_6.0.4.1_20131006.exe
      > or
      > http://www.cantab.net/users/john.wiseman/Downloads/LastestInstaller/BPQ32_6.
      > 0.4.1_20131006.exe
      > The latest released versions of LinBPQ and PILinBPQ can be downloaded from
      > http://www.cantab.net/users/john.wiseman/Downloads/linbpq
      > http://www.cantab.net/users/john.wiseman/Downloads/pilinbpq
      > You may also need the latest HTML files if you haven't downloaded the
      > test versions.
      > http://www.cantab.net/users/john.wiseman/Downloads/HTMLPages.zip
      > The source for the Linux version can be found here, for those who want to
      > build for other distributions.
      > http://www.cantab.net/users/john.wiseman/Downloads/LinBPQ-
      > 73, John G8BPQ
      > _____
      > From: BPQ32@yahoogroups.com [mailto:BPQ32@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of
      > n5in_ron
      > Sent: 06 October 2013 19:33
      > To: BPQ32@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: [BPQ32] BPQ32_6.0.4.1_20131006 including BPQMail, BPQChat and
      > BPQAPRS is now available
      > A new release, BPQ32_6.0.4.1_20131006, for Windows, is available for
      > download at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BPQ32/.
      > <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BPQ32/>
      > John Wiseman, G8BPQ/GM8BPQ, has created a common code base for BPQ32
      > allowing both Windows (BPQ32) and Linux (LinBPQ) versions to be produced
      > a timely fashion.
      > This release updates BPQ32.dll, BPQMail, BPQChat and BPQTermTCP.
      > BPQMail (a BBS system) and BPQChat (a Chat system) replaces BPQMailChat.
      > BPQMailChat is still provided, and can be used for mail, but it will be
      > dropped in a subsequent release. The provided shortcuts for BPQMailChat
      > actually point to BPQMail with the goal of easing the transition.
      > BPQ32 has a basic Web Interface option. This provides Browser access to
      > node status displays, and a simple Web Terminal for access to the Network.
      > It can also act as Web Server for other BPQ32 Applications, such as
      > BPQAPRS is an APRS mapping and messaging application, first introduced in
      > BPQ32_5.2.4.1_20120130. BPQAPRS at its current state of development is a
      > viable replacement for UIView32 for many users and in addition is under
      > active development to add additional capability. The BPQ32 digipeater is
      > "New n-N Paradigm " compliant and provides enough objects to
      fully support
      > the Local Info Initiative. A configuration example is provided to quickly
      > get you 'on the air'. The BPQAPRS program provides mapping, using the
      > on-line OpenStreetMap, as well as reliable messaging, to the degree this
      > possible, with the existing infrastructure.
      > As a reminder, you must have all of your node configuration in BPQ32.cfg.
      > If you are still using the old method please read message #10713 for
      > details.
      > Microsoft has, since the introduction of Windows XP, recommended that an
      > installation be split in to a "program files" part and an
      "application data"
      > part. This was not enforced in Windows XP but it is being enforced in
      > Windows 7 and Windows 8. Many programs have been installed in the root,
      > as C:\Ham Programs to get around this recommendation, but the result is
      > annoying UAC popups...'do you really trust this program' etc. If you have
      > used this workaround, you can, after installing this release, do an
      > uninstall, which will preserve your configuration, and then do a reinstall
      > taking all the defaults. The result will be to divide your installation
      > properly into %programfiles%\bpq32 and %appdata%\bpq32.
      > Help will be available in the users group should you have questions.
      > The changelog is here:
      > http://www.cantab.net/users/john.wiseman/Documents/BPQ32%20Installation.htm#
      > Changelog
      > Thanks to John Wiseman G8BPQ/GM8BPQ for his tireless work enhancing BPQ32!
      > 73 de Ron Stordahl, AE5E (ex N5IN)

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