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11358RE: [BPQ32] A New Discovery

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  • John Wiseman
    Sep 30, 2013

      Thanks, Joel.


      I’ll see if I can find the source for and see what has changed.


      I think others are having problems with FBB and the internal DED emulation. I’ll see if I can track down what is going on, but the lack of any error messages makes it difficult.


      73, John


      From: BPQ32@yahoogroups.com [mailto: BPQ32@yahoogroups.com ] On Behalf Of Joel Yates
      Sent: 29 September 2013 23:23
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      Subject: [BPQ32] A New Discovery



      Hi John, I discovered Sunday a week ago that when you connect to the BPQ
      telnet server. And then try to connect to BBS (FBB) it will connect and then
      immediately disconnect. Every other app connect still works fine. It also
      does this with BPQTermTCP. I had to go backwards to BPQ32.DLL version dated 07/04/13 before things would work properly and stay connected
      to the BBS (FBB) .Other users may have been having the same issue via a node
      connect to FBB. And the new way you want BPQ and FBB to talk to each other
      has not worked well at all especially the last couple of weeks. It has been
      crashing BPQ32 a lot. I am back to using TFWIN. I don't even know if I can
      explain the BPQ FBB new communications protocol issue. Other than BPQ32
      crashes with no explanation and FBB re-syncs a lot under that protocol.I
      don't even think there are any specific debug errors or log errors that show
      why it is crashing.

      ...73's...Joel N4JOA

      Joel Yates

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