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11314RE: RE: RE: [BPQ32] File size question

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  • John Wiseman
    Sep 18, 2013
      Ok, Mike.
      If you send me the RMS Express and BPQMail logs I may be able to see what is happening
      73, John

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      A bit better, I was able to move a 64 K file, but anything greater, it still  times out and you get disconnected, again after about 20-30 secs.

      Purpose of BPQ being used in this fashion, so all the response members can learn, train, with one software Ie; RMS Express. (And learn about WinLink's 120K compre4sssed size limit, and work within that).

      There are 5 members that have 2.4 Ghz dishes back to the main HUB, where BPQ resides on a server.

      Distances from 1/2 mile to one link 12 Miles. All working fine with point to point transfers, Ie; computer to computer on the LAN.

      This network also has satellite Internet connectivity and that functions fine. The system is installed to support a large community for emergencies and special events. Internet connectivity to BPQ is not configured at this time.

      Just need to try to get BPQ to work on the LAN with larger files.

       ON packet RF I assume because of the delays in packets of info being sent and Acked, the delay is enough that BPQ handles the larger files ok?

      Thanks fo r the effort and we know we are stretching the limits of what BPQ is for, but this is a great application worth its success. (My opinion).

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      We will try the test version. 

      System is on a LAN with many users on a Ubiquiti 2.4 GHZ hub.

      RMS Express is used in Telnet with BPQ's IP address as the "RMS RELAY".

      We can move about 40-50 k sizes ok, any thing greater than that, after about 30 secs it times out

      and you are disconnected.

      We will let you know and thanks.


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      There isn't a hard limit.
      How long are the transfers taking? I made a change to the default idle timeout in the last release of BPQMial, which didn't work as I intended, and could cause a disconnect even when data was still flowing. If you are getting a disconnect after two minutes it would be worth trying this test verson:
      If the problem isn't at around  2 minites, I'd be inteerested in seeing the logs from each end.
      73, John

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      Subject: [BPQ32] File size question


      BPQ mail seems to balk and disconnect me at files over 50K?

      This is over a telnet connection.

      RMS relay configured to go to BPQ and BPQ set up with BBS application=BBS

      No RMS.

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