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11280Re: [BPQ32] TermTCP for Andriod

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  • Joel Yates
    Sep 11, 2013
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      Hi John, After further checking...What Hannes says about typing on the LG is also true on the Motorola Xoom tablet.
      With the on screen keyboard. I will have to check its Bluetooth keyboard later tonight.
      Everything typing wise works fine on my Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone.
      Your almost there!!
      ...73's...Joel N4JOA

      Joel Yates

      On Wed, Sep 11, 2013 at 3:37 AM, CJ Hanekom <hanneshanekom@...> wrote:

      Hi John,

      Some feedback FYI,

      The app works fine on my Samsung 10.1" galaxy tab 2.

      On my LG P705 mobile phone it connects and accept the characters from the first screen of the "on- screen keyboard", but does not want to accept or show the typed characters when switching the "keyboard" to numbers / punctuation. Thus I am not able to request "mh 2" or "?", I am only able to type "mh ". :(
      I changed to another keyboard and the same problem exists.

      I checked all 3 "pages" of characters on the Samsung tablet and the app accepts and sends it without a problem.

      When I get some time I will test the app on the kids zenithink 7" tablet and give feedback.

      Otherwise all good!

      Thanks for another great add-on!


      On 11/09/13 01:26, John Wiseman wrote:

      The saga continues!
      I've borrowed my daughter's Nexus 7 (Andriod 4.3) and this verison works on that and my HTC phone (Andriod 2.3).
      Just to be clear, this program is designed to work with BPQ32/LinBPQ, connecting to the port defined in FBBPORT. It may work with other systems, but that isn't supported.
      73, John

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