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11250Re: [BPQ32] Pactor wl2k P2P within BPQ

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  • Dave Webb
    Sep 3, 2013
      That's what I was trying to say. John just made it simpler. I didn't realize you were trying to run RMSExpress into your own BPQ system.

      On 9/3/2013 9:51 AM, John Wiseman wrote:

      BPQ can accept a call from RMS Express running in either P2P or WL2K mode. The RMS Express end can send messages to the BBS call in P2P mode. To send messages destined for other users, it has to be in WL2K mode,
      Strictly speaking there is no such thing as a wl2k peer to peer message - a message is one or the other.
      73, John

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      It does. What you are saying in a long about way is no. I have to shut
      down BPQ and start up RMS Express in P2P mode to accept a P2P wl2k


      > Mark
      > As the sysop of an AF MARS BPQ BBS, I have users that use RMSExpress and
      > Airmail to connect to the BBS all the time to retrieve messages. It
      > requires the sysop to have the RMSExpress user box check on his user
      > record. If you want your user to be able to retrieve bulletins as well,
      > the sysop needs to set up that user as a BBS and set up which bulletins
      > the user desires.
      > Our Pactor port is set up to send the user connecting directly to the
      > BBS. Winmor and Packet allows SSID's so the user can chose if he/she
      > wants to connect to the bbs or cms.
      > RMS Express needs to be in the RMS mode, NOT P2P. P2P will only allow
      > you to send messages to the BBS itself.
      > Hope this helps
      > 73
      > Dave
      > WB2HVF
      > On 9/3/2013 8:38 AM, n5mdt wrote:
      >> John or anyone...
      >> Is it possible to receive a wl2k peer to peer message over a bpq
      >> pactor port? If so can you give details?
      >> Thanks
      >> Mark

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