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1117Re: [BPQ32] FBB

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  • Peter Mallett
    Jul 28, 2008
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      David Calder n4zkf wrote:
      Back to WinFBB 7.00g and BPQ 4.09b on 98SE. Only problem I see is someone using
      dyndns. It won't use that, you have to have an IP for a telnet forward.
      It's been running all day on 20 Meters just fine. Best connects I have had in 2 months.
      6 machines in this room running from Windows 2008 to 2003 Enterprise server and I
      still like 98 on FBB. Go figure.
      Dave n4zkf
      Hi Dave,

                   Use Porttunnel which I have used for many years and works 100 percent with FBB and Win98SE.

      You map your Dynamic host to your static IP you set for FBB on your local LAN.

      You can get porttunnel here.


      Regards ..... Peter

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